It is important that our clients understand Grief Recovery Methods® is not grief counseling. We are not Therapists. We are Coaches. We teach a tool to work through Grief.

Definition of Grief: The conflicting feelings caused by the end of, or change in, a familiar pattern of behavior.

Examples: Death; End of a relationship; Retirement; Moving; Change in health status; Change in financial status, etc.

Everyone experiences grief. It is a natural and normal reaction to change. Although grief is natural and a normal reaction to change, most people do not have the healthy skill set to deal effectively with grief. The inability to deal with grief appropriately, results in UNRESOLVED GRIEF.

Definition of Unresolved Grief: Things we wish we’d said or done differently, better, or more.

In other words: Situations we wish, “We should of, could of, done differently.”

Our goal at The Heart of What Matters is to utilize the tools outlined in Grief Recovery Methods® to bring our clients to “Completeness”.

Definition of Completeness: It is the ability to deliver emotional communication that was previously never given, was never heard, and/or a need to state it again. Completeness is the ability to say goodbye to pain, which may be limiting us from fond memories, and say goodbye to any unmet hopes, dreams, and expectations about the future.

We believe Grief Recovery Methods® is the preferred first step in dealing with the Self: The Heart of What Matters. Grief Recovery Methods® tills the soil of the emotions. It brings to the surface what is lying dormant in the subconscious. The undercurrent, which is causing you to react to situations, rather than allowing you respond from the heart with truth.

Suggested Steps: