Beverly D’Amico RN, MSN, GRS

About Me

Beverly D’amicoRN,MSN, GRS is an inspirational Speaker, Life Coach, Certified Grief Recovery Method® Counselor, and
Certified Fresh Awareness Coach. Beverly, was born in
Michigan, the youngest of eight children. Like many, her
family was also dysfunctional and as a result she did not
have a good relationship with her mother and was
abandoned by her father.

With her father gone, and no strong male role model,
Beverly found herself pursuing relationships that 
reenforced abandonment. At the age of 25 she pursued a
nursing degree. At the age of 30 she pursued a career in the United States Air Force. While on active duty,
Beverly experienced many events that replicated her
painful childhood. The result of the repeated trauma was a diagnosis of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

After 20 years of living with the diagnosis, Beverly decided
she had enough. She began to seek out other
interventions and inadvertently met Mikki, who
introduced her to the FRESH Awareness Workshop.
The weekend workshop had such an impact on the
behaviors and emotions of PTSD that she requested he
become her Life Coach and Mentor. Today, Beverly is one of  Mikki’s peers. Her life is proof that “The Fresh Awareness Workshop” works!
The goal of The Heart of What Matters is to support those who have survived traumatic events. To provide tools which allows hem to design their lives through navigation. Beverly  utilizes these tools daily, and has proven is that she can live a designed life in spite of traumatic circumstances.
She pursues balance in five areas in her life: Finance,
Relationships, Emotions, Spirituality and Health
(F.R.E.S.H™). As a Certified facilitator, Beverly teaches
many, how to live a designed life through Fresh Awareness
Workshops, Life Coaching, and Grief Recovery Method®.